VAB Profile: James Kwon

James Kwon (VIPER '20)



  • Chemistry & Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Current Job/Company

  • Analyst at Cornerstone Research in New York

Why did you join VAB?

  • As graduation was virtual in 2020, I felt sad that I was not able to celebrate the wonderful accomplishments that my fellow VIPER students and I were able to accomplish during our four years at Penn. This had me thinking as I thought it would be much more difficult to maintain the amazing relationships that I had forged within the program as we were entering a new chapter in our lives. Given that the Class of 2020 had added a substantial number to the VIPER alumni, I felt that it was an opportune time to establish a formal VIPER Alumni society and the associated VIPER Alumni Board (VAB). 

What do you hope to achieve in VAB?

  • I plan to help uphold and promote the three pillars of the VAB which are mentorship, creating a sense of community across all aspects of the program, and improving the VIPER name. These three founding pillars were the main drivers for the establishment of the VAB and I hope to be able to grow these pillars while serving as the first VAB President. 

What are you most excited about?

  • I am most excited to see the entire VIPER community come together as a family and all the meaningful connections that will be formed between the students and alumni through our mentorship program.