Faculty Research Mentors

David (Class of 2016) worked in the lab of Prof. Andrew Rappe of Chemistry, one of VIPER's faculty co-directors and founding co-director of Pennergy. All VIPER students conduct energy research under the mentorship of renowned science and engineering faculty at Penn.

Learning in the Lab

Julia (VIPER Class of 2016) at work in the Murray lab. You can read more about her research into the photovoltaic capabilities of nanocrystals here.

Advancing the Science & Engineering of Energy

Gerardo (VIPER Class of 2017) in the Vohs/Gorte Lab. You can read more about Gerardo's research, which seeks to increase the fuel flexibility, stability, and efficiency of solid oxide fuel cells, here.

VIPER's Zachery Iton Named Dean's Scholar for 2016!

VIPER's Zachery Iton, a senior majoring in Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering, was named a Dean's Scholar for 2016 by Penn's College of Arts and Sciences. Read more about Zachery here.


  • VIPER's Yu Ren Zhou, Class of 2017, Publishes Research in Nano Letters

    June 9, 2016

    Research by Yu Ren (William) Zhou, VIPER Class of 2017, alongside his mentor Prof. A. T. Charlie Johnson of Physics and VIPER faculty co-director Prof. Andrew Rappe of Chemistry, has been published in the journal Nano Letters. Read more here.

  • Zachery Iton, VIPER Junior, Named Dean's Scholar for 2016

    February 18, 2016

    VIPER's Zachery Iton, a junior majoring in Chemistry and in Materials Science and Engineering, has been named a Dean's Scholar for 2016 by Penn's College of Arts and Sciences. This elite honor, recognizing nine students in total, is awarded for outstanding academic achievement, breadth of challenging course load, and engagement with research.

  • Penn Researchers Make Thinnest Plates That Can Be Picked Up by Hand

    December 4, 2015

    Researchers at Penn, led by Prof. Igor Bargatin with contributions by VIPER students Drew Lilley and Eric Lu, have now created the thinnest plates that can be picked up and manipulated by hand. This work is part of a larger global effort to make new materials that are as thin, light and strong as possible. Read more here.