Sample Schedules

To get a better sense of what a VIPER student's 4-year course schedule may look like when pursuing dual degrees, check out the sample schedules below. The following are based on real schedules from recent VIPER graduates to demonstrate what students have done in the past. There are many routes students can take to complete their degree requirements, and these schedules are examples of routes students have taken but are not meant to imply that future students must follow these courses of study. Every VIPER student is unique and will have different course schedules that reflect their interests. Course schedules will also differ depending on whether students have any external credit (Ex. AP, IB, or transfer credit) or credit granted from Penn's internal placement exams.

Sample Schedule #1

B.A. in Physics and Astronomy and B.S.E in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM). Minor in Mathematics.

Sample Schedule #2

B.A. in Earth Science (concentration in Environmental Science) and B.S.E in Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)