Alumni Resources

Check out the different resources available to the VIPER Alumni Community - read more about each of the opportunities and resources below!

VIPER Alumni Database

Thanks to our great VIPER alumni community, many of them have shared information about their experiences and are eager to provide help, advice, etc. to current students or other alumni! Feel free to peruse the database and reach out. Add or update your information below as well!

VIPER LinkedIn Group

Join the VIPER LinkedIn group to keep connected to the VIPER Community. See what others are up to and share opportunities and resources! 

Penn Alumni Interview Program

All VIPER Alumni are invited to join the VIPER Interview Committee and help advance our efforts to offer all VIPER applicants an opportunity to speak with an engaged VIPER alumnus. The alumni interview provides an invaluable opportunity for students to learn more about the VIPER program and provides us with valuable information about prospective students to help make more informed decisions. We appreciate all of our Alumni Interviewers!