Student Features

VIPER students have been featured all over campus! Hear and read more about their experiences below. Click the headers for more information about each feature.




"Penn Arts and Sciences Presents PATHWAYS: Andy Eskenazi, C'22, ENG'22"

Andy Eskenazi, C’22, ENG’22, is a believer in the power of an interdisciplinary education. As a student in the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research (VIPER), he came to Penn to explore all of the opportunities of studying in both the College of Arts & Sciences, where he majors in Math and minors in East Asian Studies, and Mechanical Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. 2021.


"Using Novel Materials for Adaptable Acoustics"

VIPER students Abhinav Ramkumar (VIPER '21) and William Deo (VIPER '21) are awarded a Student Arts Innovation Grant from the Sachs Program for Arts Innovation. 2020.


"Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research VIPER Class of 2016"

Penn Arts & Sciences. 2017. 


"The Hot and Cold of Marine Plant Life | Yann Pfitzer, C'19 ENG'19 describes the impact of climate change on ocean phytoplankton"

OMNIA. All Things Penn Arts & Sciences. 2016.

Yann Pfitzer, C'19 | “Understanding Trends and Variability in Ocean Phytoplankton from Satellite Data” from Penn Arts & Sciences on Vimeo.


"Albert Xiao, Solving Society's Greatest Energy Challenges"

University of Pennsylvania. 2014. 


"My VIPER Experience at Penn: Zhiqiao (Kate) Jiang, C'22, ENG '22"

Penn Arts & Sciences. 2019. 


Stories and News Features


"The LRSM Building Recreated in 'Minecraft'"

VIPER student Ben Hammel (VIPER '21) and Randy Chen built the Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter (LRSM) in the virtual Penn campus on Minecraft. 2020.


"From the classroom to the lab and back again"

Adithya Sriram (VIPER '20) is featured in Penn Today. 2019.


"Yann is tackling climate change head on." 

Read more about Yann Pfitzer's (VIPER '19) story featured by Penn Admissions.


"VIPER Junior Embraces 'Trial and Error' of Chemistry Research"

Kyle Kersey (VIPER' 19) discusses his research experience in this feature from Penn's School of Engineering and Applied Science. 2017.


"PENN 10: VIPER's Gautam Nagaraj featured in 34th Street Magazine"

Gautam Nagaraj (VIPER '17) discusses his aerospace ambitions in the April edition of 34th Street Magazine. 2017.


"Solving Society's Greatest Energy Challenges"

Albert Xiao (VIPER' 16) is featured in "People of Penn." 2014.