Kaiyuan Chen

Kaiyuan Chen


Beijing, China


Degrees Pursing

Bachelor of Arts in Physics and Astronomy (concentration in Computer Techniques)

Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Electrical Engineering


Research Interests

I am currently interested in quantum computing, but I am very open to all the possibilities opened up by combining energy, electrical engineering and physics.


What experiences led you to become interested in VIPER and energy research?

Growing up in a city notorious for its air pollution, I am always aware of the importance of preserving our environment and seeking new energy sources. With prior research experience on the correlation between haze and GDP in major Chinese cities, I further realized the difficulties of shifting to renewable energy sources for developing countries. Thus, VIPER would help me to combine the knowledge from Electrical Engineering and Physics to seek out a new solution for my hometown.


What are you looking forward to the most at Penn and in VIPER?

Since the new student orientation, VIPER's welcoming community has been one of my favorite groups of people. I am really looking forward to getting to know more about each person and meeting them in person in the near future!


How do you see VIPER integrating into your future goals?

Although I am still very uncertain about the research topics I would pursue in the future, VIPER would certainly guide my way and help me connect the dots between physics, electrical engineering and energy.


What is a fun fact or interesting experience you would like to tell others about?

I am a dancer (yes, a dancer, not a kung fu or martial art master) and I am part of the Pan Asian Dance Troupe. Although male dancers are relatively rare, I do really really enjoy dancing. Another fun fact is that my favorite food is dry pot intestine. It may sound really creepy, but you should definitely try some pork intestines some day! I know all the best Chinese restaurants in Philly offering it, and they are literally so good!

Graduation Year