Akaash Padmanabha (VIPER '22) Publishes in Energies

A Minimal Volume Hermetic Packaging Design for High-Energy-Density Micro-Energy Systems

Energies | Published May 2020 | Full Article


"The storage of energy in the form of compact batteries has become a subject of great discussion, as technological advancements not only necessitate improved performance, but that too at a smaller scale. By combining the benefits of the commercialized lithium-ion battery with the projected advantages of supercapacitors, 3D microbatteries can enable new capabilities in applications ranging from miniature robotics to industrial electronics. With this in mind, I joined Professor James H. Pikul’s lab group my freshman spring in order to work on a packaging design to make this powerful microbattery a reality. Over the past year, we worked on determining which adhesive would provide structural and chemical stability while not contributing too much in weight, fabricating the packaging design in a consistent yet timely manner, and creating a working prototype that could test and confirm its capabilities. Moving forward, we hope to integrate high-performance active materials into this packaging design to produce a battery that is more energy and power dense than any commercially available battery to date. All of this and more is described in detail in our research paper that was recently published in Energies and is linked below!" - Akaash Padmanabha (VIPER '22)