Mohamed Elshabrawishy

I chose VIPER because it allowed me to focus on what my true passion was from the very beginning. I have always been interested in renewable energy sources and sustainable development. Coming from Egypt, I have seen first-hand how conventional energy methods have a severe negative impact on our environment. VIPER allowed me to be on the forefront of energy research and I am glad to say that it has given me the opportunity to be a part of this sustainable movement that aims for a better tomorrow.

Natalia Acero

My biggest passion has always been renewable energy, especially solar energy. Being part of VIPER gave me a place of belonging and a group of friends with whom I could share this passion. I knew I would be surrounded with people who are interested in learning and have a strong direction towards energy. When applying to college, I wanted to find a place that would challenge and excite me at the same time.

George Popov

VIPER was the perfect way to follow both my passion for physics and my interest in mechanical engineering, and it also allowed for me to expand upon my past research experiences. I knew that it would prepare me very well for the present and future with its focus on innovative sustainability.  

Ben Hammel

I wanted to study both Chemistry and MSE. I have also been interested in energy research going back to science fair projects in middle school. VIPER offered everything I wanted. Naturally, I went with it.

Will Deo

Coming out of high school I knew that I was interested in academic research as well as the evolving energy field.  VIPER seemed to be a unique program that suited my interests in both of these areas with strong program support.  All of this made it an easy decision!