Class of 2018 Students

Introducing the Third VIPER Class

Rabeel Jawaid is from Karachi, Pakistan. A graduate from the Karachi American School, he plans to complete his dual degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering. During high school, Rabeel successfully initiated a project to install solar panels in villages cut off from the national power grid. He also ran track at the national level in Pakistan and played football competitively. He joined VIPER for the research opportunities that the program provides as well as the opportunity to major in two different fields.

Radhika Katti was born and brought up in Fargo, North Dakota. She is majoring in Mathematics and Systems Science and Engineering. Through her last two years of high school, Radhika did research in organic chemistry pertaining to the development of bio-based plastics. She dreams of someday creating a widely used plastic that is made from only plant material. In addition to math and science, Radhika loves playing the violin. She takes private violin lessons at Penn and is a member of the Penn Symphony Orchestra. 

Nadia Kreciglowa is a first generation Polish-American. She graduated from Bristol Central High School in Connecticut, where she ran cross country and indoor and outdoor track. Nadia began her undergraduate studies in VIPER in fall 2014, and she looks forward to engaging the many research opportunities offered by the program. She is majoring in Physics and Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics. Upon graduation, Nadia aims to work for the improvement of the efficiency of sustainable energy sources. She still enjoys running, as well as eating chocolate and conversing in Polish and Spanish.

Drew Lilley is from Chatham, New Jersey, and graduated from Chatham High School. Drew developed a strong interest in alternative energy at the beginning of his high school career, and spent the next four years researching and developing Vertical Axis Wind Turbine technology. This, along with frequent participation in Physics and Engineering competitions, fostered his interest in alternative energy, and inspired him to join the VIPER program. He is majoring in Physics and Mechanical Engineering. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis, reading, chilling out with friends, and above all exploring. He loves to explore. 

Trisha Ramadoss is from Tampa, Florida. She joined Penn after graduating from the International Baccalaureate program at C. Leon King High School. Trisha is majoring in Electrical Engineering as well as Physics. She has an avid interest in renewable energy and global sustainability. In high school, she pursued this interest by competitively debating about sustainability issues and writing a research paper about the politics of climate change. During her free time, Trisha likes to read books, paint, and dance.