Faculty Research Mentors

David (Class of 2016) works in the lab of Prof. Andrew Rappe of Chemistry, one of VIPER's faculty co-directors and founding co-director of Pennergy. All VIPER students conduct energy research under the mentorship of renowned science and engineering faculty at Penn.

Learning in the Lab

Julia (VIPER Class of 2016) at work in the Murray lab. You can read more about her research into the photovoltaic capabilities of nanocrystals here.

Advancing the Science & Engineering of Energy

Gerardo (VIPER Class of 2016) in the Vohs/Gorte Lab. You can read more about Gerardo's research, which seeks to increase the fuel flexibility, stability, and efficiency of solid oxide fuel cells, here.

Toward New Discoveries

Carol (VIPER Class of 2017) enjoys another rewarding day in the lab. As part of Dr. Patrick Walsh's group at Penn, Carol's work has been published in the journal Organic Letters. Read more here.

VIPER Students at the CURF Open House & Research Expo

Zach (VIPER Class of 2017) discusses his research in solar energy with an attendee of the CURF Open House and Research Expo at Penn.